Spanish referee against Kuypers and his decision: Atletico is damaged, there was no penalty!

The story of Juventus and Atletico Madrid ended tonight in Torino, fans of the club from Italy celebrate the new quarter-finals, but one referee decided to trample on the nerves of fans from Turin, with the statement he made for the penalty.

In the 87th minute, Juventus got a penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo successfully realized, and with that goal he made another hat-trick, but a Madrid referee, Anduar Oliver, thinks that Atletico was damaged and that the penalty did not exist.

“Correa touched Bernardeschi, but that was not enough for the toughest punishment from the white spot,” this judge’s remark for the Spanish newspapers today.

Such statements will not affect the final outcome of this meeting at all, but it will surely cause debate on social networks between the fans of Juve and Atletico.

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