Merson brutally harsh to Arsenal: You beat Manchester, but next year they will get a title, you on Top 4

The former Arsenal player and current expert on several island media outlets, Paul Merson, believes Arsenal’s victory against United last week does not reflect any particular ambition for high-end, but evidence that they only want to defeat United because of self-test.

With the victory over United, Arsenal is +2 points ahead of the “hell” of the table, giving them some forward in the battle for the top4.

But Merson thinks Arsenal though he won, but next season will prove something that does not depict racing, that in the summer United will throw serious money and will strengthen the team, so that he will fight for the title, and that Arsenal in return there will be a top4.

“I was very happy that I had the chance to play for Arsenal, an amazing football club. But their pain was the ambition, they could not win the title these years, regularly top4 was their goal. Do you think Arsenal is ready to win the title? Not even in the craziest dreams. I would not like to talk about United, but about the specifics of the football club Arsenal. “

“It’s true that neither last nor this year United was a competitor for the title, but believe that next year they will deal with the top4 of the table, they will go after the title. That’s what makes the difference between United and Arsenal, “the devils” will buy for the title, and Arsenal does not, “said Murerson.

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