McGregor broke the phone to a fan, the police arrested him

UFC Star Connor McGregor was arrested in Miami.

The Irishman was arrested in front of a hotel after taking away and breaking a phone to a fan who wanted to shoot him.

Connor did not stop here. After striking the phone from the ground, he several times trampled it with him, and then he picked up the wreckage and took them with him.

McGregor, however, did not get far. Soon the police arrested him and the Irish fighter ended up behind bars of $ 12,000.

These are not the first problems McGregor had with the US police. In April last year, he attacked the bus with UFC fighters after being arrested in New York.

Although charged with three counts, he passed without punishment and had to perform a socially useful work, which he performed last week in a church in Brooklyn.

The bailout this time will pay without any problems, but it remains to see whether the Irishman will receive an additional penalty.

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