Djokovic dissatisfied after the elimination, but announced the next step

Novak Djokovic was shockingly and unexpectedly eliminated from the Indian Wells tournament in the single, but together with Fabio Fognini were placed in the doubles semi-final.

After the elimination of Djokovic from Germany Kolschrieb, the Serbian tennis player expressed his dissatisfaction with such an epilogue.

“Frankly, I do not want to lose, I’m not used to it. Especially not on these tournaments, to which I had previously had success. But this is happening, this was one of those black days”.

“We must accept what is happening to us and turn to the next stop. As for the single competition, Miami is the next step. There are many things I’ve seen that I have to work well, to play on an even bigger, higher level. I slowly go to that, step by step, I hope to get close to the desired form in front of Miami”, said Djokovic.

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