What will happen if Lyon stuns Barcelona?

Spanish teams in the Champions League have a season of oblivion.

Valencia dropped out in the group stage of the match, Atletico and Real Madrid were eliminated in the last eight, and that same evening tonight could happen to Barcelona.

Although the Catalans are big favorites against French Lyon, the examples of Manchester United and Ajax, who have done wonders, show that football is possible.

In the French team of Camp Nou tonight, he needs goals schedules in order to go further, and if that happens, Spain will not have a representative among the top eight teams in Europe after 14 years.

In the 2004/05 season, La Liga last time was not represented in the quarter-finals. Deportivo and Valencia then ended their participation in the group stage, and Barcelona and Real Madrid failed to pass the rivals in the last eight.

Barcelona for rival Chelsea. They were defeated with a total of 4: 5 (2: 1, 2: 4), and Real came out from Juventus with a total of 1: 2 (1: 0, 0: 2).

However, Lyon will need a real miracle to throw Barcelona, ​​the Catalans are big favorites, and it is certain that they have learned a lot from the PSG and Real Madrid games this season and will be cautious tonight at Camp Nou.

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