Ronaldo after the spectacular victory had a message for all fans of Real

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo shone in last night’s match against Atletico Madrid.

Although after 2: 0 in the first match few who believed that the “Old Lady” could pass further, on the wings of the fantastic Cristiano Ronaldo eventually compensated the negative and placed in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

After Ronaldo’s game, he was expecting, shining with happiness. Not only did he help Juve, but also destroyed the city rival of Real, the club he played for the previous nine years.

“I’m sending them hugs to everyone who have Real in the heart,” said the smiling Ronaldo after embraced a journalist at El Cheringito, a television show dedicated to Real.

Real Madrid fans today adore Ronaldo, and after last night’s party, there are no doubts that he will be even more celebrated and worshiped in Turin.

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