New Formula 1 rule – will be used this weekend!

The FIA ​​administration accepted the proposal.

FIA’s management and Formula 1 officials have confirmed that this season will see additional points for the fastest drivers.

What has been speculated these days has been confirmed and started since the next weekend of the race for the Grand Prix of Melbourne.

In addition to the driver who will be driving the fastest lap, he will receive his team in the competition of constructors. The condition to get that point is that the driver is in the top 10. If he is out of the top 10 and has the fastest lap, the point will not be assigned.


Self-scrutineering: Cars will no longer be scrutineered in the traditional sense at the start of the Grand Prix weekend. Instead, competitors must sign a declaration that they are in compliance with the rules – and, of course, the stewards can make random checks at any time.

End-of-race signal: The traditional chequered flag is still shown as well, but the officialend-of-race signal is now a chequered light panel at the finishing line.

Mirror mods: Small changes to the mirror regulations in light of the larger rear wing, in order to maintain adequate rear view visibility and safety.

Caught on camera: The on-board camera regulations have been modified to improve the TV spectacle.

Towing the line: Overtaking on race restarts is not allowed until a driver has crossed the finishing line – rather than the earlier safety car line as previously.

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