Liverpool salaries announced – Salah at the top!

The newspaper “Mirror” continues to announce the salaries of the leading teams in the Premier League, and Liverpool now came to the forefront.

Last season, Liverpool were in third place according to the salary of players in the Premier League, and the total cost of this item was 208 million pounds.

Now the amount is certainly higher, given that the main players such as Mohammed Salah and Roberto Firmino have initialed new contracts and will remain at Anfield by 2023.

It’s exactly these two are the leaders in the dressing room when you are in doubt.

Full list of Liverpool salaries:

Mohammed Salah – 200 thousand pounds a week
Roberto Firmino – 180,000 pounds a week
Sado Mane – 150,000 pounds a week
Virginia Van Dyck – 150,000 pounds a week
Alison Becker – 120,000 pounds a week
Jordan Henderson – £ 120,000 a week
James Milner – 120,000 pounds a week
Nabi Keita – 120,000 pounds a week
Daniel Sturridge – £ 120,000 a week

Fabio – 100 thousand pounds a week
Dejan Lovren – 90,000 pounds a week
Giorgino Viennaldo – £ 90,000 a week
Andrew Robertson – 80,000 pounds a week
Joe Gomez – £ 75,000 a week
Joel Matip – 70,000 pounds a week
Nathaniel Klein (loan to Bournemouth) – 70,000 pounds a week
Adam Lalana – 65 thousand pounds a week
Simon Miñole – 60 thousand pounds a week
Danny Ingles (loan to Southampton) – 60,000 pounds a week
Trent Alexander-Arnold – £ 50,000 per week
Alberto Moreno – 40,000 pounds a week.

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